Saturday, July 20, 2013

Conversations With a Two-Year-Old

Violet has been saying so many funny things lately, I thought I should write them all down so we don't forget!  

(I was about to mop, so I was holding the swiffer between my legs while I put the wet wipe on it, when Violet walked into the kitchen...)
Violet:  (gasp)  Mama ride like Harry Potter!

(At a new exhibit at the Natural History Museum)
Violet:  What's that, mama?
Me:  An oil pump.  What do you think it is used for?
Violet:  For... making..........honey?

(Violet and Glenn are watching a James Bond movie in the other room when I hear...)
Violet:  James Bond is going to church!
Glenn: is just wearing a suit...

(Right before bedtime)
Me:  You are so sweet, Violet.  Did you know you are sweet?
Violet:  Yeah.
Me:  What makes you so sweet?
Violet: CANDY!

(At WIC, talking to the nutritionist about healthy foods we should eat)
Nutritionist: (shows Violet a picture of all different kinds of foods):  Which of these foods does your mom like to eat?  (When Violet doesn't answer for a while, she prompts her:) Carrots?  Apples?
Violet: Mama likes this one. (points at picture of cake)



  1. This is literally the BEST blog post you have ever posted! Your conversations are funnier, but have you seen the youtube series, Conversations with a Two Year Old? They are really funny.

  2. These were great - and I request more!

  3. haha! She is super smart for her age! harry potter?? I love it!