Wednesday, October 10, 2012

When Dad babysits...

My mom is coming to visit today!  I'm picking her up at the airport this afternoon, and I am SOOOOO excited.

Here is a video I have been meaning to share.  Violet thinks this is the best game ever, and Glenn loves that he doesn't have to retrieve his own nerf darts.


  1. I am getting to see how smart she is in person! Violet can do everything!

  2. haha! I bet Glen is loving it!

    So in response to your question. Yes I did stop nursing CHristian at around 16 months. I was only really nursing him in the at night at that point. The reason I quit was Bryan and I were going on a little vacation so I weaned him before we left. It was much easier for him than I thought. Instead of nursing him I would warm up some whole milk and put it in a bottle and he took it just fine. I'm not sure how often you nurse Violet but don't worry about it too much. I say keep nursing as long as you aren't worn out and she still enjoys it. Eventually you will probably find that she doesn't drink as much or as often and it just happens. Good luck!!

  3. This is so funny, Arty will love it! She is also getting so big... and blonde so cute!