Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Here's why you shouldn't ignore a one-year old for too long...

Last night, Glenn and I were watching the debate and not paying much attention to Violet, but she seemed to be entertaining herself pretty well.  It was still light outside when the debate started, and as it got dark, we never turned on a light, so we were watching in the dark.  A couple of times Violet tried to get me to come with her, and I thought she just wanted to play in her room with me, and I just kept watching the debate.  

Finally, I stood up and turned on the light.  There were tiny white footprints everywhere and Violet was no where in sight!  I followed a perfect trail of footprints in to the kitchen and found this:

The little rascal/sweetheart was nervously trying to scoop handfuls of flour back into the bag!  You could tell she was really worried that she was in trouble, and of course it just made us laugh even harder.  I guess we got what we deserved for ignoring our little sweetheart for too long!


  1. HAW HAw Haw haw .... HAW HAw Haw haw .... HAW HAw Haw haw .... Thanks Violet and Afton for the good laugh. This way funny.

  2. I hope you gave her a big kiss and hug :)