Monday, October 15, 2012

My mom is gone :(

It is amazing how long I looked forward to my mom's visit, and then it was over so fast!  But we had a great time.  My mom said her favorite part of the trip was riding the bus downtown because Violet said goodbye to every person who got off the bus.  My favorite part was meeting Glenn for lunch on campus at Moreton Fig, a really nice restaurant in the alumni building.  

Here are some pictures of the highlights of my mom's visit:

At the Natural History Museum.  Somehow we only ever manage to get pictures at the museum with the alligator and the polar bear:

Afterwards, we met Glenn at Moreton Fig.  Notice that Violet had a wardrobe change.  My mom got Violet quite a few presents from the gift shop at the Museum, but this t-shirt was my favorite:

We got these beautiful dahlias at the farmers market on Thursday, and I'm still enjoying them:

Just before my mom left on Saturday morning, we walked over to the rose garden.  It is beautiful!  I can't believe I've never walked around there before.  

Now that my mom is gone, I keep thinking of even more things I want to do with her!  Violet misses her grandma too.  She basically wouldn't let Glenn and I hold her while her grandma was here!


  1. Violet's face while she's smelling the rose... haha

  2. Yes, but did you see her eyes when she sat on the alligator?