Monday, August 29, 2011

Violet's brand new cousin!

Violet got a new cousin on Sunday morning! We won't see her in real life until Christmas, probably, which is SO SAD because she is beautiful! I might even be a little biased because look at these pictures:


Is it just me, or DO THEY LOOK THE SAME?

P.S. We were so busy this weekend! Glenn's parents came to town for the white coat ceremony. It was so fun having them here, the enchiladas were delicious (if I do say so myself), and the ceremony was cool because the USC band was there and they wear trojan helmets and walk like horses. Pictures tomorrow. Maybe.


  1. Wow - Violet and Emma do look a lot alike!

    How do they (the band) walk like horses?

  2. they do look exactly the same!! crazy! hope dental school is going good for you guys so far!