Tuesday, August 23, 2011

LA people


If you had to guess, would you guess that people would be friendlier in Mesa, Arizona or in Los Angeles?

I have been so shocked by how friendly everyone is here! Every person that sees Violet stops to ask me about her! People hardly ever asked me about her in Mesa. I think it is probably because there is an abundance of babies in Mesa, and in downtown LA, they are scarce. At the farmers' market last week, I couldn't take two steps without someone stopping me to take a better look at her! I don't know if farmers' market people are just extra friendly, but it seems to happen everywhere here. I have even had quite a few "conversations" about Violet with people who don't speak English.

People are friendlier in general too, not just concerning Violet. Here is what is happening in the picture above: That guy saw Glenn skim boarding alone and talked to him for a few minutes before running home to get his skim board so he could join Glenn! Also, all three of our neighbors (our apartment building is basically a four-plex) are SO nice. I have to hide from Lis, the old mexican women upstairs, if I don't want to have an half hour long gossip about what is happening within the apartment complex.

Glenn was skim boarding and making friends at Venice beach. Violet and I were there too.

(My Grandma grew up in Venice! We saw her high school on our way to the beach, which just happens to be the high school where they filmed "Grease")


  1. You guys look so California! I am glad you are keeping Violet covered up.

    It makes me like California better that people are so friendly there.

  2. cool! our farmer's market in rexburg is terrible! we basically get to choose between 3 different fruits & vegetables and 3 different kinds of goat cheese. that's about it.

    people probably think you are a celebrity... it seems like there are always pictures of celebrity moms with their babies at farmer's markets. ha ha! you should probably look out for some while you are there! (: