Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Moved in!

(If just looking at these pictures is too boring for you, feel free to play a game of "where's Violet?". We think we're clever and put her in every picture.)





I lied. I just realized that Violet is not in that second picture of the hallway.

Well, there it is! We haven't done much more than move our stuff in. There are still a lot of pictures to hang and a couple of boxes to be unpacked, but we are getting there! It is nice to be living in a functional apartment again. The last couple of days in our old one and the first couple here felt crazy. Living out of boxes is no fun.

Some of my favorite things about this apartment are the giant windows (so much natural light!), the wood floors, and the moulding. Because it is so old, there is moulding everywhere! It is half a foot thick around every door frame, and knee high in Violet's bedroom. There is even crown moulding in every room, and I think you can see the random moulding about three feet below the ceiling in the living room and bedroom. Also, the ceilings are so high! Maybe 12 feet? I'm not good at estimating that kind of thing, but they are way higher than our last apartment.

You may have noticed that I didn't post pictures of Violet's room. Those will have to wait a few days, because her room isn't looking picture ready quite yet. Violet news: I think her hair is getting curly! She definitely gets that from her dad.


  1. wow gorgeous!!!!! I want to come visit!!! I am gald you are a blogger again:)

  2. It looks beautiful and big! Don't forget to blog every single day please.

  3. The hallway didn't look quite as good as the rest - where's Violet? :)