Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The New Apartment

We're here!

We got to LA on Friday afternoon, and saw our apartment for the first time! It is awesome. And kind of weird/old (built in the 1940s). Here's why:

1. There are three main rooms, not including the kitchen and bathroom. One is a normal bedroom, and is Violet's. One room has a china cabinet, a walk in closet, and no doors in the doorways. The other room has doors you can close, but also opens to the front door. So let me ask you, Which do you use for the master bedroom? If we chose the front room, when people come to our door they enter right into our bedroom, and we don't have a closet. So we chose the middle room, complete with china cabinet and incomplete with doors.

2. The light in the bathroom dims when I turn on my blow dryer.

3. No dishwasher or garbage disposal.

That last one is kind of hard to live with.

(front room)

(bedroom - and Violet and her Grandma! My parents and Glenn's came to help us get everything moved in! They were amazing.)

(Violet's bedroom)


In other news, Violet is still cute! Just look at that smile. Does she look proud of herself for going through three outfits yesterday? Courtney thinks I talk about Violet's poop too much, so I won't say how Violet rendered all those outfits unwearable.

Tomorrow I'll post pictures of the apartment all moved in to! Besides being old and weird, our apartment is also so awesome. We are loving it!


  1. it has character & charm! (: so cute!! violet is getting so big already! she's absolutely adorable!!! courtney will get used to all the poop talk... it seems like since we've had grandkids around our house that every conversation ends in discussing poop. ha ha! it just happens. (:

    love you!
    {and we don't have a disposal either... it takes some getting used to, for sure.}

  2. Violet is sooo adorable. Can you get anything done or do you just stare at her all day?

    Your apartment looks great! I'll be checking back for more pictures :) Good luck with school!

  3. Afton, good pics! Someone left a cute baby outfit here for Violet but there was no card? Do you know who it would have been?

  4. PS: The windows look great :)