Wednesday, August 19, 2009

a good day

I was looking through all my wedding pictures the other day, and I found a lot that I didn't fully appreciate the first time I saw them. Some of them are funny, and some are just really cute. They remind me of how fun my wedding day was!

Cutest picture of my cutest friend. I love you Becky!

heh heh, isn't he funny?

Four funny people to look at in this picture:

I just like how Kali looks eager in this picture

GAaa, I Love this picture of Glenn!


I just think we look happy in this picture:

I love these two people quite a bit:

Everyone looks so funny in the background of this picture! Enlarge the picture for the full effect.



  1. The first of picture of me is SO UGLY!
    The second picture of me, I look taller than Roni, yay!

  2. ok so maybe i like food and maybe i am getting a little fat. is that so bad? haha.

    i am such a dork

  3. Ha ha Love the pictures! I remember you reception!! I was so jealous I didn't think of the cinnamon rolls and hot yummy!

  4. Oh Afton, that was a fun day. I love all these pictures! It makes me wish I brought my wedding album over here...

  5. ha ha! in case you didn't know, double chins are normal. (: fun! it was such a perfect day!

  6. these are adorable. it was all the candid shots i loved about my day too.

    question: what the heck are becky and kim so shocked about in that last one??

  7. Erica, Roni asked them to pose as if I was coming out of the temple, but I wasn't. So much for "candid"! From Afton

  8. Love the random mail man. Ps tanner loved the orange rolls at your wedding!

  9. yes honestly why was i so shocked in that picture! haha

  10. i'm pretty sure we were just being stupid kim... ha ha! but for the sake of having a good story... afton tripped over her dress & fell on a sweet, innocent ol grandma coming down the stairs. yep. i'm pretty sure that's what happened.

  11. uh oh Afton. I found some typos in your introduction about you. If you give it out to your students or their might want to fix that. heehee.

  12. Courtney- that is funny that that was even on there. I had to make another blog for a education class. I guess since I used the same email to make it, it put the "about me" on both blogs. I never plan to invite any of my students to my blog.