Friday, November 13, 2009


is the number of sticks of butter in just the frosting for this cake:

But boy was it delicious! Glenn saw the pictures of it in one of my cookbooks months ago, and decided he wanted it for his bithday! He still wanted it after I told him how much butter was in it! It was so fun celebrating his birthday! We had a yummy breakfast in the morning and he opened his present (and so we were late to school and forgot to make lunches)

I got him Blue Planet - the sequel to Planet Earth. Can you tell he loved it? That night, we went to his family's house for cake and ice cream. My cake was a big hit, and it was fun to see his family, especially our cute nieces and nephews!


and Audrey!

It was a good day! One Thursday (his birthday was Tuesday) we went to the Coyotes game with his family to further celebrate.


  1. do you know what the 3 secrets to french cuisine are?
    butter, bUtTeR, BUTTER!

    it looked as though you had banana pancakes for his breakfast. love. also, cute plates!!

    and yes, it does look as though he was delighted to get that book! (:

    happy anniversary of glenn!!!

  2. silly Becky, those are DVDs!

    Beautiful cake Afton,mmmm. Looks like you guys had an awesome time! Tell Glenn we say hello!

    PS do you still have your ichat? cuz we could totally video conference! Or you could make it really easy and just download skype:)

  3. That was the yummiest cake ever! But not the yummiest dessert ever, because the yummiest dessert ever was the pie you made on Thanksgiving. Don't forget to make me that pie for my birthday, please.


  5. please listen to your sister.

    1. blog again so i can stop looking at pictures of that delicious looking cake.


    2. make her that pie for her birthday, then invite me over, so i can have a taste. (: