Monday, July 20, 2009

Park City

I just got back from Park City with Glenn's family. It was so beautiful there! I had my birthday while I was there. Here is an interesting fact about me: I have been on family vacations for like 75% of my birthdays. We had such a good time. One thing I didn't get a picture of was our trip to provo. Glenn and I drove down to provo alone one night and ate at the most delicious restaurant! It was called Rooster Noodle and Dumpling Bar. Oh, it was so delicious. Afterwards, we went and saw Reed! He just got home from his mission, and it was so fun to see him.

One day we rented mountain bikes, took them up on the lift with us, and then rode them down the mountain. It was way scarier than I thought it would be, and I was really bad at it.

Cute Husband:

Alpine slide and coaster. This roller coaster was amazingly fun!

Cute husband at the end of the alpine slide:

And now...

For the Highlight of the Trip:

We won the Jigsaw Puzzle challenge!

Cool trophy huh? Glenn and Letitia and I were such a good team! Letitia is amazing at puzzles. We beat the other team so badly. They had only assembled like 25 peices of the 100 when we finished our puzzle.


  1. You are the best jigsaw puzzle putter-together in the universe! I wish I could have a contest like that. Also I am happy that you found a roller coaster that you like. Also I am happy that you have a cute husband.

  2. so fun! You never told me about the jigsaw puzzle....I'm glad I finally checked your blog:)

  3. i'm not suprised that you won the puzzle competition! i love the alpine slides! seriously, they make for a fun afternoon!