Tuesday, May 5, 2009

the run

I ran a half marathon! So did Glenn. We started training for it in February, I think. This is the only picture we took. Great huh? I wish someone had been there to take a picture of Glenn when he finished! We didn't run together.

Here is how it happened:

3:30 - Wake up.
3:45 - Eat cereal. Quickly.
4:00 - Drive to Tucson.
6:00 - Arrive in Tucson. Stomach eating itself due to nerves.
6:05 - Go to the bathroom. Yucky port a potty.
6:30 - Gun sounds (figuratively) and the run begins.
8:54 - Finish running! FINALLY! Glenn snaps a picture.
8:55 - Drink two bottles of water and eat a banana in one bite.

Anyway, it was exciting to do it, but I don't think I'll be running one again soon. Thirteen miles is too far. I have to idea how anyone can run a full marathon.


  1. Hey if Tara and Helen can do it, so can you!! I admire you for doing the half! I just wish I could run right now!

  2. I have the most athletic seester in the world

  3. Wow! You are amazing! So I signed up to run a half marathon too but in June. I think I'm regretting my decision now! Its been way hard getting back into running after having the baby!! Any advice on how to train??

  4. YAY TO GO!!!!! "and eat a banana in one bite" that was my favorite part! ha ha! you are amazing! maybe one day, when i decide i like running, i'll do a 5k or something...

  5. p.s. "yay to go" is a combo of yay and way to go. just fyi. (:

  6. What an accomplishment! Congrats. I dont get how people run marathons either. Especially the crazys that do it ALL.THE.TIME!