Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Years' Resolutions - 2014!

I'm excited to post all the pictures from Christmas and NewYears', but I want to make sure I post about my resolutions before I forget!  I liked how last year I felt so accountable for my resolutions since I'd posted them here and you all knew about them!

In review, for 2013 I had two resolutions:  Write in my journal everyday, and read 50 books.  I did write in my journal almost everyday.  I think I probably missed about 5 days throughout the year, and those were all in the first part of the year.  I haven't missed a day in months.  So I think I can say that I have successfully developed that habit!  

My other resolution was also very close to being a success.  I read... 48 books.  I pretty much stayed on track all year.  The problem was, when it came to crunch time at the end of the year, we were here with our family and I never felt like shutting myself up in my room during nap time to read!  If you are interested, here are the 48 books I read:

Looking back over all of them, some of my favorites were anything by Jhumpa Lahiri and the new Lemony Snicket series.  My least favorites were probably Austenland and Night Circus.  If you have any recommendations for me, I love to hear them!  I'm always looking for books to read.  Also, I got the new Jhumpa Lahiri for Christmas and I'm so excited to start it!

Here are my new resolutions:

1.  Read my scriptures everyday (so far I'm 3 for 3!)
2.  Go to Goodwill once a month to donate stuff.

That last one is because I want to have a little stuff as possible to move in a year and half when Glenn is done with school, and I figured it would be good to start de-junking now.  


  1. I was just wondering today if you were going to post your resolutions! :) I love de-junking. I'm sure you'll have fun with that one. I can't believe that Glenn will be done in just a year and a half- so crazy!

  2. When I want to read a book, I am going to look over your list and pick one!