Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Christmas 2013

We had such nice Christmas this year.  We spent Christmas Eve with Glenn's family, and Christmas morning with mine.  Glenn's family's tradition is to spend Christmas Eve at his Grandma Audree's house, and we always do a nativity with all the grandkids.  And Glenn always ends up participating too...

Violet was more aware this year that Christmas morning was exciting.  It was fun to watch her run out to see the tree and her presents!  Also, Violet and I had matching pajamas that morning, and matching outfits for the rest of Christmas day.  I loved it; I'm going to be hopeless when I have TWO little girls to dress up!

We went over to the LeSueurs' for part on Christmas morning and Christmas lunch.  I think Violet had everyone in the house read her this Frozen book at some point.

That evening we had dinner with my family, and we did a pinata, and sent off lanterns!  It was such a fun, festive end to Christmas day.  I'm sure I've mentioned that Violet is obsessed with Tangled (although recently that has taken a backseat to her obsession with Frozen) so she definitely recognized the floating lanterns and thought they were very cool.