Monday, November 4, 2013

Violet's Halloween Costume

I just wanted to make sure I documented Halloween before I miss the chance.  I don't have much to say, besides that Violet was the cutest Rapunzel-from-Tangled-post-haircut that you've ever seen.  I actually took the pictures on Tuesday, when Violet got to wear her costume to the library for story time:

On Halloween night, I let Violet trick or treat at one house - the sorority house of one of my friends from our ward.  I think her whole haul was three pieces of candy.  Then we went to our ward Halloween party!  Glenn and I had a great time, and Violet was very good and sweet even though she was the only kid there and seemed a little bored the whole time.

(I just realized that some of you might not be as familiar with the movie Tangled as we are [do you think Violet will EVER want to watch a different movie?], so here is a picture of Rapunzel - post haircut - for reference.)


  1. I love Violet's expressions when she knows she is getting her picture taken :)

  2. oh my goodness, she is adorable! And I love that she is rapunzel-post-haircut :) Super clever!