Thursday, November 7, 2013

Field Hockey in Santa Barbara

Glenn started practicing with the field hockey team at USC last week.  He was surprised when after just two practices, they asked him to come play in their game on Saturday!  They asked on Thursday, and the game was in Santa Barbara, so we made the last minute decision to head up there this weekend.

I'm glad we went, because it was a good thing for Glenn to get involved with the team, but I would rate the three main components of the trip as such:  the drive: terrible, the hockey: slightly disappointing, lunch: amazing. 

The drive up there was actually lovely.  We made it in less than an hour and a half, and it is a really pretty drive.  The problem was the drive home.  Ugh, we were in traffic for so long.  It was one of those drives that just makes you very single-minded to how much you hate LA.  (and I actually love LA, but the traffic is really something.)  I think it took us over two and half hours to get home.

It was fun to meet Glenn's team, and they were happy to have Glenn there.  But...turned out they didn't have an extra jersey for Glenn in the right color, so he had to be the goalie the whole time.

It was pretty warm, and I was glad I had my umbrella for shade.  Violet made her own shade.

Then for the best part of the trip:  Lunch!  We tried the place- El Super Rica Taqueria- the first time we went to Santa Barbara a couple of years ago, and loved it.  We hadn't been back since, and knew that is where we should eat this time.  We remembered that the best thing we had there was the chile relleno, so that is what we got.  I took a picture:DSC00705

Violet chowed down on freshly made corn tortillas that had so much natural sweetness from the corn that they made your hands sticky.  Mmmmmm.

There was also sword fighting:

It was a good enough lunch to make the trip to Santa Barbara worth it!


  1. Ha Ha! Glenn is playing field hockey with the Girls! The Chile Relleno looks awesome! and Mom is glad that Violet is wearing the little Mexican dress.

    1. Yeah, I realized when I posted it that Glenn is the only boy in that picture! But there really were other guys on the field.

  2. I love the person head shade on Violet. You just keep proving your family is awesome

    1. Thanks Meredith - that means a lot coming from the matriarch of such an awesome family :)

  3. She looks so cute in that dress! Next time she wears it, will you take a full body picture and send it to me?