Thursday, October 3, 2013

Food lately...

Remember how I went on a food-picture-posting-binge right after we got our new camera?  After laying off the food pictures for a few months, I'm ready for another round.  And I hope you are too :). Here are some things we've been eating lately:

(Let's call it "margherita pizza" instead of "cheese pizza")

more pizza
(this one we can call "the best pizza ever".  It is technically called the "walk-in-the-woods pizza" and the recipe is from the book Fresh and Green Table.  The mushrooms are marinated and sauteed, the cheese is gouda, it is drizzled with maple syrup.  soooooooooo good.)

caprese salad for me for lunch (while I fight off Violet.  I need to start making her her own!  Tomatoes and cheese, two of our favorite foods.  She is definitely my daughter.)
Those yellow tomatoes were so sweet they tasted like dessert.  I still think about them longingly from time to time.

potato-sausage-kale soup 
I've made this two weeks in a row because it is so good, and this week the breadsticks I made were the best I've ever made!  I kind of made up this recipe/combined a few different recipes, but let me know if you want it, because I wrote it down.

popovers - tonight
I wish I had taken a side view picture of these because they rose up so high and beautifully!  We ate them with butternut squash and apple soup.  One of the best things that has happened to me lately was when we all sat around the dinner table eating this meal, because Violet LOVED it.  She kept saying, "I like the soup, mom!  I'm filling up my tummy!  I like popovers!".  


  1. Violet is going to like such healthy food :) Good job Afton!

    1. Ha! I think that soup was the first vegetables she eaten in a week :). Other than vegetables, she really eats a lot of things. She ate this so well though, I'm thinking of making more pureed vegetable soups.

  2. i wish i lived near you so you could teach me all your fancy food ways! i love it when you post your food pics because they all look so good, and inspire me to try new recipes. I really want to get into some of these recipe books that you have!

    1. You flatter me! :) The best book I have is Fresh and Green Table. Everything I've made from it has been so good!

  3. Your popovers look perfect! I've never made them, but you've inspired me! I recently subscribed to the email list from America's Test Kitchen and I've really liked the recipes I've made from their emails. I made one tonight- it was totally vegan and totally yummy!