Sunday, October 6, 2013

A froyo date

I hope the rest of you ladies did something amazing during priesthood session.  Have I mentioned that all my friends moved away from me??  At least all my friends from my ward have, so last night during priesthood session, Violet and I had a ladies' night all to ourselves.  We just had dinner at home, but then we walked over to the frozen yogurt place near us for a date!

We had fun, and the most amusing part for me was watching Violet pick out her froyo and toppings.  Here is her awful concoction:  apricot yogurt with m&ms, gummy bears, gummy worms, and frosted animal crackers.  She asked for fruity pebbles too, but I drew the line there.  I was afraid it was going to be so disgusting she wouldn't eat it!  Of course, she loved it.

Conference weekend is definitely one of the times I miss living around my family.  All the girls in my family and Aunt Judy's went out to dinner, and it looked sooooooo fun.  Only three more conferences til we live in AZ again though!


  1. A froyo is supposedly a healthy way of eating dessert, but what happened to Violet's? Kidding aside, kids will always love candies and sweets! Anyway, I hope that she'll learn to include or at least try some other day fruit toppings. I wonder what's in yours, Afton?

    -Chad Parker @ FreshAndHealthyBrands