Monday, May 20, 2013

Violet Knows Best

We had a funny conversation with Violet yesterday.  

Glenn:  Violet, do you look like Mama, or do you look like Dada??

Violet:  Like Violet!

By the way, we must have told her that she is sassy too much lately, because today in the car she told me, "Mama, I'm sassy!"  Amen to that, sister.


  1. hahahaha. :) As for me, I think she looks like both of you, but maybe a bit more like Glenn. Maybe.

  2. Smart girl - she looks just like herself :)

  3. Afton, I hope your cleanse is going well! I want to start when Kenny is out of school. Also, I love that red dress! I've been meaning to tell you I love it for awhile, but I'm always forgetting. Where'd you get it? Lastly, I love that Violet girl! She's so smart and sassy and she loves her mama and dada. Such a sweet girl.

    1. Thanks, it is seriously the best dress! It is a little embarrassing how often I wear it. It is from

    2. Also, my cleanse IS going well! But I'm pretty excited to be done; tomorrow is the day I can go back to eating normally. I am debating on whether to post about it. Cleanses sound so extreme, but this one wasn't. I don't want everyone to think I'm a weirdo though!

  4. hahaha! i wish I had been there to hear her say that!