Monday, August 6, 2012

The very disappointing thing that happened to me recently

A while ago, I booked a photographer I know to take our family pictures on the beach on August 3rd, which was last Friday.  It was perfect, because Glenn had Friday off school.  If you have coordinated family pictures before, you know there is some planning involved.  I ordered a dress online (and rushed the shipping so it would be here on time) and hemmed it myself (which was quite a risk considering the extent of my sewing skills!) during Violet's nap on Friday.  We did our laundry in the morning instead of in the afternoon, rearranged Violet's nap schedule, and Glenn got his hair cut.  About an hour before we were going to leave for the pictures, Glenn went into the bathroom to shave and I looked at my phone.  And I had a text from the photographer canceling the photo shoot.  

So I changed back into sweats, and told Glenn he didn't have to finish shaving if he didn't want to.

Anyway, we went to the park instead.  It was fun and I met a mom who was really nice, and Violet had a great time.
I just wish I had family pictures to show you instead of these ones!

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  1. That photographer is obviously not a mom - or she would know how much effort is involved in getting ready for a family photo shoot :(