Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I'm so proud

Here's how dinner went tonight: 
(I'm just so proud, I couldn't help but share!)

Violet ate all 3 of her edamame dumpling before I finished serving myself.  "More!  More!" she cried.  Then she ate 5 more dumplings (which I believe is only one less than I ate).

Then she started on her applesauce without me having to tell her to.

The she ate all of the zucchini on her plate and said, "Zucchini!  Like candy!"  Then she ate the rest of the zucchini that was in the serving bowl.

Then I tried to clear her plate (with the two pieces of broccoli I'd put on her plate just for show, with no hopes that she would eat it) and she said, "NO WAIT!  MY BROCCOLI!" and ate both pieces while saying, "Mmmm, broccoli, like candy!".

I'M SO PROUD!  I feel like I put so much effort into making sure she eats more than just cheerios all day, that it feels sooooooooooo good when it pays off.  

(An old picture, but this is the same meal I made tonight that Violet devoured.)


  1. haha! This made me laugh so hard! (the "like candy!" parts). Violet's the best.

  2. That is great! What a difference. Also is this dumpling recipe somewhere on your blog?

    1. No, It's in a cookbook I have, Sprouted Kitchen. I will email it too you! They are easy (just a little time consuming to wrap each one) and sooooo good.

      By the way, I thought of you and Jonathon when I wrote this post, because I remembered that he loves to eat salad, and Violet is definitely not there yet. I aspire for her to be as good of an eater as Jonathon!