Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Our Home!



Here is our wonderful little apartment! The rest of the pictures are just some of my favorite parts of our home!

Our first bookshelf! We had to get another little one for the rest of our books and dvds.

The table. This is the only piece of furniture we bought ourselves!

Coolest family proclamation ever!

I am in LOVE with this knob on our tv stand. The only reason we got the tv stand we did was so I could go pick out a new knob for it at anthropologie.

Unfortunately, we are not allowed to use our fireplace yet. :(

The second bookshelf. Note the cute picture of Glenn in the circle frame.

Frames that still need a home on our walls.

We haven't used them yet, but I love these little lantern lights! Someday soon, we are going to eat dinner beneath them at night!

Last but not least, my wonderful husband, fixing something. Doesn't he just look wonderful?


  1. OH my goodness so cute and so fun!! How excited now to have your own little place! Tanner didn't want to ever put our pic up in our appt because he didn't want any holes that we would have to pay for, ha but when he left for work I hung all them up! You loving married life? Your place looks super cute!

  2. Love it afton, wanna come decorate my house.... I don't know how :( I have no style hahahahaha

  3. Wow Afton it looks amazing!!! Your pictures are from the perfect angles:) I just tried finally hanging up all of our pictures, and It is such a pain. You need to come help me decorate too!!!! (we have a big and little bookshelf just like you. lol:)

  4. Um... so your house is freakin adorable. LOVE it!

  5. the chicken timer!!!!! ha ha! i love your apartment... seriously. so cute! thanks for watching hairspray with me today!!!

  6. Yay! I love your apartment! So dang cute! I'll have to come see it in person some time! Love ya girl, hope the honeymoon was fun!