Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The paparazzi

I decided it was definitely time for a new post. It's been a while since my last one, and I have made some new blogger friends! Unfortunately, I didn't have many pictures to blog. But, below you can see when Glenn and I were caught on an early morning swim by the paparazzi! just kidding, obviously, it was Becky. I think these are the only pictures we got of our whole camping trip! It was a pretty eventful trip, and including a skunk that loved walking around our campsite. Anyway, in the morning, Glenn and I took a wonderful swim in the river the we were camped beside. It wasn't even cold!

So, in this last picture, I look like a kind of just did a good swing, huh? Except the ball is still on the ground! Glenn and I went to the driving range, and it was fun, but I sure missed the ball a lot.

Also, just in case there are any readers of the blog who don't already know, which I doubt, Glenn and I are engaged!


  1. wow, that paparazzi sure knows how to take cute pictures of you & glenn! ha ha! it was such a fun little trip! i'm jealous you went to the driving range... i've never been. ):

  2. Seriously those look like paparazzi pics! Fun! haha Love your blog though. May i say that you and Glenn are adorable!

  3. congrats to you and glenn! cuteness!

  4. CONGRATS!!! I'm so stoked. I don't know Glenn, and I've never really seen you guys together in "real life," but the cuteness vibe from your pics might make fry my harddrive! I can tell you guys are fo real! haha... and I followed up on your "go green" tee comment on my blog... check it. :)