Monday, February 18, 2008

Courtney and Glenn

Here is what happens when I leave my computer unattended:

Also, Glenn went snowboarding this weekend, so I got to play with Kali on Friday and Saturday. For Saturday's activities, see Kali's blog. On Friday, we saw Step up 2! I thought it might be dumb, but it was so entertaining! Becky, you have to see it. I bet it is just as good in Spanish! I'll admit it, the dialogue isn't the most important part.


  1. i love that pic of glenn {& courtney}!!! ha ha! i talked to kali & ames about it & they both agree with you- it was amazing! i can't wait to see it! i will probably be home before it gets here. national treasure 2 just got here, and right before that it was enchanted. they still have posters up for the game plan with "the rock", which jessica & i saw with graham in wichita. moral of the story... it takes a long time for movies to get here, and then they may or may not be in spanish. luckily, national treasure was in ingles {english (: }, not luckily, enchanted is in spanish. check your e-mail. i'm leaving you a present! ha ha!

  2. yay you posted! thanks for playing with me this weekend! it was way fun! and i totally luved step up 2! there we only two things that could make it better:
    1. i needed tyler to come back in the end!

    2. i wasn't in it! how come i didn't hear about auditions? hahaha