Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Harry Potter!

So, first off, I would like to mention how dang confusing blogs are! I really wanted to include pictures of both the love of my life, Harry himself, and the book that I can't wait to read, but including two pictures in one post is so confusing! I have no idea how to get the pictures in the right spot! Anyway, Becky told me that it was time for me to post again, so here it is. All I can think about is Harry Potter 7, and it doesn't come out for 10 more days! Yesterday I read the 6th one again to refresh my memory. By the way, I think Snape is a good guy.


  1. hey. you did it aft! harry is pretty fine, i won't deny it! but my love for edward{twilight} runs much deeper than that of harry! ha ha! i need to give blogging 101 lessons to you & jessica{who can't seem to even log on!}

  2. i heart harry as well! yay for harry potter! i am so excited!